Charlee Black



Charlee Black ( 1993 ) is an Indianapolis, IN native. She merges deeply 

contrasted portraits with highly textured minimalism to create images 

of depth & female power. Her work carries a heavy dose of representation for 

women and people of color. Having little to no formal training in photography, 

Black has based her work in a culmination of expression, self-esteem & 


Artist Statement

I was never really interested in following the rules of photography.
We all tend to place rules on art to create a sense of status and professionalism. When in all honesty, those rules tend to hinder us rather than help us excel. I have come to cultivate with my own rules and simultaneously something I create to constantly break the rules I set for myself.
I've always been more intrigued by the darkness of an image. How the light and darkness of said image mix to create an image with such contrast and depth. Where I feel my work thrives, ironically, in this grey space meant to be challenged.
I enjoy seeing my personal progression as an artist & to offer a sort of refuge to everyday life. To express me, and my challenges as a black queer lesbian woman in America. It only makes sense that my work would be as complicated and multi-faceted as its creator.

We have found ourselves in this new social culture of quick art made for quick consumption. Its one thing to see the image but do you feel the image? I hope my images, give people time to stop & assess. Find the emotion, and find your own rules to follow.

Group Show 

2018 - Tierras. Future Friends Holographic Magic Club. Indlps, Indiana 

2018 - La Femme. MCJWT. Indlps, Indiana 


2019- Cover Image & Multiple Images.Issue IV.Harness Magazine 

2019- Flower Power Editorial & Promotional Material.Volume 1.Sidepiece Magazine 

2018 - Portraitist Charlee Black Reflects On Community.Quaint Revolt Magazine

2017 -20 Incredible Black & White Photographers.Format Mag


2016- Voices 

Using Format