Charlee Black

Voices:The Book


by Charlee Black 

Yelling At The Sky 

There is nothing more clear than the tiny string that leads your body and mind. The string that keeps you safe the string that sways your decisions. The string influences e answer every question.

I spent a huge chunk of my life following the footsteps of my mother and her mother and her mother .I stopped walking in the footprints already made for me and wandered.Against the normal path I made my own destiny.

Or I was being pulled by that tiny string all along .

Fifty Six Pages 

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Special Thanks :

First and foremost Id like to thank an amazingly talented woman LaurenLo Thank you for always being a huge support

Thanky you Carlie and Aminata for being riders and getting out in a blizzard to shoot  - Last but certainly not least 

Thank you to my love Lu- You are the biggest supporter of my art & this project would not have come to fruition without you 

Thank you 


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